If you are thinking about selling your house, but have no idea what the costs are, this is the video for you! Today I’m going to cover what the costs of selling your home are, should you use a realtor to sell your home, and how much do you loose when selling your house as is,

so, What is the cost of selling a house, in a nutshell? In most cases as the seller, you will pay more than when you purchased. This is simply standard but is not set in stone.

According to redfin.com expect to pay 10-15% of the price you sell your home to costs associated with selling your home. What does that cover? First off, if you choose to sell your home with a realtor you will most likely be paying all of the realtor fees for both the buy side and sell side. Many realtors or companies have flexible commissions, like myself, based on many things such as how much marketing does your home need, do you need staging and does the real estate company pay for it, are you also buying a home, and more. Make sure you ask what the fees are for. One thing that is hard to get away from is paying the fee to the buyers agent. oftentimes, while I don’t agree, the buyers agents will not show a home with a lower commission offered to their buyers- while not ethical, i do see this happen often. In a hot market, a seller can offer a lower commission to the buyers agent since there is so much competition…

Closing Costs and Fees
The buyer and seller are both responsible for their respective closing costs. A seller’s closing costs range from 1% to 3% of the total home sale price; buyers can pay upwards of 5%. Closing costs include title fees, transferring deed fees, escrow fees, county taxes and city taxes.

Escrow is the company that executes the contract and protects both the seller and buyer in a transaction. For providing their services, the escrow company charges a fee. These are usually referred to as “escrow fees” on your settlement statement.

Almost always the buyer and seller each pay their own escrow fees.

Title insurance cost in California
Unlike escrow fees, there isn’t a set calculation to determine the cost of title insurance.

We’ve found that title companies in California usually charge around the same price. To get an idea of what this is, take the sale price and multiply it by .00225. in San Diego sellers pay for the title insurance.

For example, if your final selling price is $1,100,000, then the cost for title insurance might be $2,475. The cost can vary depending on your final selling price.


Part of the closing costs for a seller in California is city and county transfer taxes. These are also referred to as “documentary transfer taxes”.

What exactly is a documentary transfer tax?

Think of it this way. Every time a property changes ownership, the local governments want a piece of the pie.

Every county in California has a transfer tax.

The cost of the county transfer tax in California is $1.10 for every $1,000 of the sale price, except for San Francisco County.

HOA document preparation fees are also paid for by the seller. This is not regulated and is determined by the HOA. Usually the cost is around $500

Termite- oftentimes the seller pays this but again, it’s negotiable. Ask your realtor to arrange a termite inspection to see what the cost of repairs are.

Ok, so what about selling your home without a realtor? Yes you can, but FSBO homes sell for about 26% less on average than agented properties, which often negates any savings!

A better option for many sellers who don’t have the time or legal know-how to sell FSBO is to work with a low commission company like Clever. Clever pre-negotiates low listing fees so you’ll pay just 1% (or a flat $3,000) for a listing agent, but get the full-service support you need to sell your home for top-dollar, fast.

What about cash for houses deals or ibuyer?
how much do you lose selling a house as is? Selling a home “as is” has its perks. First, you save on the cost of sprucing up your home. And ideally, you avoid painful repair negotiations with a buyer down the line.

However, you will pay for this convenience. Oftentimes cash buyers or investors will pay as low as 40 cents on the dollar compared with putting your home on the market. This option is best for anyone with a lot of equity and a lot of repairs, or someone who wants or needs to sell quickly.

Thank you so much for watching and make sure to check out my videos on how to prepare your home to sell quickly!