5 Pros and Cons of Moving to San Diego

If you have considered moving to San Diego, or are curious what it’s like to live in San Diego, here are Pros and Cons for moving to and living in San Diego, America’s Finest city!

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Pro number 1 – Culture

If you are thinking about moving to San Diego, today’s first pro is culture. Yes, San Diego has culture! The heart of San Diego’s is Balboa Park. Balboa Park is the largest urban cultural park in the United States. It features opera, live symphonies, over a dozen museums and art galleries, and the Old Globe Theatre. Then there’s the San Diego Zoo, gardens galore to explore, and over 7000 restaurants serving every flavor of food you can imagine.

San Diego is home to the San Diego Air and Space Museum, the Museum of Contemporary Art, and the New Children’s Museum, among others. And of course, the San Diego Symphony Orchestra, their hugely popular Summer Pops series, is held outdoors every year. Plus, no one will ever forget when the Beatles played at Balboa Stadium in August of 1965! If culture is your thing, San Diego’s got you covered!

Con 1- Sports.

If you are a sports fan it may be tough to live in San Diego. We have no football team, no basketball team and our baseball team is the best. However the Padres are always fun to watch on a beautiful day at Petco Park stadium. Petco Park is beautiful and a fun place to sit out and catch a game.

Pro 2- Climate

It’s no secret that San Diego has some of the BEST weather (if not THE best) weather in the united states. With very little rain and an average temperature of 78 degrees and NO humidity, San Diego is pleasant just about every day of the year.

Con 2 – Cost of living.

San Diego is the 10th most expensive place to live in the United States. With the median cost of a single family home $719,000, and a one bedroom apartment rents at 2200, San diego is expensive…but I think it’s worth it! Once you live here, it’s almost impossible to live anywhere cold and rainy again.

Pro 3 – Tons of free things to do.

Because of the amazing weather almost daily, there is a TON of free things to do. Most free things to do in San Diego are outside. San Diego beaches are rated as some of the best in California. We have some of the TOP beaches, especially in North County San Diego, amazing hiking trails, tons of parks to jog and bike in and loads of outdoor street fairs and concerts. Love to hike? So do we! Check out some of the best hikes in San Diego, such as los penasquitos canyon trail, and iron mountain hike.

Con 3 – Traffic

Traffic can be an issue in San Diego. Most traffic is during rush hour and it goes from North to South. San Diego does not have a very good public transit system. We do have the coaster that runs along the coast, and is a stunning way to travel along the coast. But as far as our bus system it’s pretty tough, so San Diego relies on highways and cars, which make for more traffic

Pro 4 -Schools

San Diego has some of the best schools in the nation. San Diego high schools are top rated, especially in areas like Poway unified school district. Schools here are on average very good. This contributes to the overall cost of living San Diego has 5 school districts that are in the top 30 for the whole state of california

Here’s a video about a great san diego community for families – https://youtu.be/L1EuxVuutyQ

With all of this sunshine, culture and amazing beaches comes a pretty hefty price tag. With the average single family homes costing upwards of $700,000 and condos for sale at $500,000. The average cost of rent in San Diego is about $2200 for a one bedroom. Considering the amazing weather, or sunshine tax, we think it’s worth it!

So is living in San Diego worth it? You bet! Just for the weather and lifestyle alone, the cost of living is well worth it in my mind. So if you are looking to move or relocate to the area, shoot me a message send me an email, text…I love to help!

We hope you liked our Pros and Cons of Living in San Diego. Let us know what you like best about San Diego in the comments below.