5 Things to Do to Attract the RIGHT Home Buyers.

We all know by now that we are in what’s called a “seller’s market”. Simply put, there are more people who want to buy houses, than homes that are on the market. Sellers are sitting in a pretty good position. But don’t get too relaxed just yet! While there are buyers out there looking for homes, are they the buyers you want to attract?

These days it’s super easy to go and see houses. From starting a search online, to scheduling a showing with a Realtor, buyers have many ways to preview and see houses. So how do you know if these are buyers that can actually afford your house?

1. Less is More.

Your real estate professional should have a detailed and proven marketing plan in place before hitting the market. In today’s overly informed world, holding back a little information about your house will get buyers curious about your home. Of course if you have a 3 bedroom house, saying it’s a 4 bedroom isn’t going to fly! But play your cards a little closer to your chest so buyers are intrigued.

2. Peak Their Curiosity

People are curious by nature. If they think there is something interesting in the offing, they will investigate it further. Including a photograph of a property’s front door, or the view down the street can be more effective in attracting homebuyers than having detailed images of every corner of the house because it suggests there is something mysterious and interesting that demands to be followed up.

3. Qualify the Buyers

Talk to your listing agent BEFORE you put your home on the market to learn what their process is of showing your home. Will they be screening buyers before they see the home to make sure they are pre approved? Or will they allow just anyone to walk through your home? You want to make sure your valuable items and your home are protected.

When it comes to attracting homebuyers, there’s no substitute for performance and results. A well-known, well-respected and established real estate agent will attract buyers by virtue of their reputation. Buyers gravitate to established real estate agents because they know that they have the best range of units, apartments, houses and vacant land on their books and they have a history of success.