Why Realtors Should Leverage the Benefits of Client Relationship Management Systems

The Empowered Agent Podcast Episode 3

Realtors, imagine how much easier your life could be with a comprehensive database or CRM! Automated reminders for birthdays and anniversaries? Check. Segmenting clients into groups based on their behavior like raving fans? You have the power to harness these amazing capabilities without breaking your budget – think automated text messages, video emails AND it connects with other service providers too!? Now’s the time to treat yourself by booking some precious “me-time” dedicated solely towards setting up that system you deserve!

While there are many successful 6 figure realtors who don’t have a database or maybe an excel spreadsheet, wouldn’t it be better if you had a system to remember birthdays, anniversaries, favorite restaurants, and classify your clients so you can stay in touch with those that are your raving fans?

Do I Have to Pay A Lot for a CRM?

First of all a CRM or database does not have to be expensive.  I use Liondesk and it’s free through my MLS.  when you are choosing your crm manger some of the things I look for are- “Can i mass text, can i mass email – can i send video emails,” without having to subscribe to yet another service- does the crm connect with my other service providers.

The biggest pain is setting it up.  Please do yourself a favor and book some time to do this. Remember, we want to work in our business, like following up with leads, generate more business, etc. but we also need time to work ON our business, setting up systems, websites, blogs, social media and business plans.

So take some time and import all of your clients.  Go on facebook and find their birthdays and set up reminders for those.  Then you want to craft some basic auto plans. You will want to set up categories for your database. Things like family, friends, active, hot, cold, sold, past client, etc.

One I do every year is a holliday text message. Now this comes from another number than my main/personal cell so I always add in parenthesis from tristen’s business line…

I set this up to text my clients for New years, Valentines Day, Memorial Day, July 4th in US, and all the major holidays.  This is a set and forget…BUT i have to redo every year, which i put as part of my planning for the year weekend I do in January.

The next set of email drips you will want is one for buyers and sellers. Do a little research or you can reach out to me for some ideas, for how you will stay in touch with your buyers and sellers and what you want to say.  If you use some of the auto populated templates please please please change the words to sound like you!

The last part is to set task- do you want to follow up with people weekly, monthly quarterly and how.  THEN you actually have to log in daily or at least weekly and do these tasks.  When I get to my office – down the hall in my house in the morning – I log into my crm and go right to my tasks. From there you can sort all your active buyers or active sellers and have a plan for reaching out to them.

I hope this empowers you in your business and your life! As always If you want to mentor with me my contact information is in the show notes.  I am so grateful that you tuned into today and if you think of someone who this could benefit please share it! Make sure to follow me on IG, YT and all those other places. 

Real estate professionals often have to juggle a busy schedule and hectic workload. From managing client relationships and nurturing leads to organizing showings, closing contracts, and managing administrative tasks, it can be overwhelming to handle all of these responsibilities without any help. This is why having a comprehensive Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system in place for your real estate business can make a huge difference in streamlining your workflow and increasing productivity.

Tristen Campanella is San Diego’s Holistic Realtor, Yogi, and Real Estate Mentor.  Her passion is to empower female realtors to have a business they thrive in.

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