Best Areas to Live in San Diego // FALLBROOK

Pros and cons of living in Fallbrook

Should you move to San Diego? What’s the pros and cons of living in Fallbrook? 

Fallbrook has had a population growth of 20% since last year.  In Fallbrook there are a lot of parks. Many families and young professionals live in Fallbrook and residents tend to have moderate political views. The public schools in Fallbrook are above average.

Compared to the rest of the country, Fallbrook’s cost of living is 54.1% higher than the U.S. average. More Cost of Living or Compare Fallbrook’s Cost of Living BUT it is quite a bit lower than other communities in San Diego County

Homes are at a median cost of 722.200—however there are many more affordable options as well as some magnificent estates

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Pro – Outdoors – Fallbrook has TONS of outdoor spaces and parks.  

Some of the best places to enjoy the outdoors are the santa margarita trail, which has a river running through it and old growth oak trees.  This is a popular spot on the weekends for picnics and to let kids play in the water.  I also love Live Oak park One of my favorites. Places to bbq, play soccer, volleyball, and baseball. Tons of oak trees that provide lots of shade. Bathrooms are open. 3$ to park. Great place to have a family day!!  There is also an off leash dog park here/.

Con – Or pro (depends how you look at it)  

Located near Camp Pendleton.  So this is a pro if are stationed at Pendleton because back gate is in fallbrook.  But if you are not, you need to be aware you will hear the base letting off loud noises.  Most people don’t mind it too much, burt if you are looking for a super quiet place, this is something to consier


Pro-Small town vibe

 If you’re looking for a quaint, lowkey little town, Fallbrook is for you this town really focuses on a small town, main street vibe.  There are a ton of community events and main street is wonderful to visit.  You can enjoy walking to restaurants and shops and there a lot of local artists here as well. I. What it lacks in excitement, it makes up for in history. There is so much to learn about this place, and although it may seem simple on the outside, it actually has a lot to offer as far beautiful scenery and cute little shops go. I recommend Fallbrook for anyone looking to live a quiet life.

Con – No major stores

Fallbrook maintains it’s cute small town living and does not have a Walmart or Costco type store.  The nearest Costco is in San Marcos or Temecula, about a 30 minute drive.  However, there are normal grocery stores located right in town

Pro-Fallbrook Weather

Fallbrook has amazing weather.  While Fallbrook gets hotter than living right on the beach, the average temperature of 76 degrees and only 14 inches of rain per year.  Fallbrook sits a little higher than ocean level which allows breezes to come up the hills.  Some homes even have ocean views from their vista points.

Con- Traffic

Traffic can be an issue in San Diego.  Most traffic is during rush hour and it goes from North to South.  San Diego does not have a very good public transit system. There is not a lot of public transit options that will take you from Fallbrook to San Diego. We do have the coaster that runs along the coast, and is a stunning way to travel along the coast.  But as far as our bus system it’s pretty tough, so San Diego relies on highways and cars, which make for more traffic

Cost of living…San Diego is the 10th most expensive place to live in the united states.  With the median cost of a single family home $719,000, and a one bedroom apartment rents at 2200, San diego is expensive…but I think it’s worth it! Once you live here, it’s almost impossible to live anywhere cold and rainy again.

Here’s a video about a great san diego community for families: 

Pro -Vineyards and wine tasting

If you enjoy tasting wine, Fallbrook has a lot of vineyards.  Fallbrook used to be the avocado capital, but since California has been in a drought, many avocado farmers have turned to growing grapes Myrtle Creek Vineyards is another local spot that brings the essence of Fallbrook’s history and community into their venue and products. Located in the foothills in Fallbrook this family owned and operated winery produces handcrafted wines rich in the property’s history. The land has has a history of citrus and avocados with the moderate climate perfect for growing grapes and crafting wine as well. The new tasting room makes Myrtle Creek Vineyards a destination in Fallbrook as a place to connect with the history of the land, meet friends, and sample amazing locally grown wine.

Con-Cost of living

With all of this sunshine, culture and amazing beaches comes a pretty hefty price tag.  With the average single family home costing 722,500 currently, even affordable Fallbrook can be pricy.  BUT you will find more affordable homes here than almost anywhere else in North county san diego.  It’s a great family community so most people own their own homes with some yard space or even enough space to have horses or chickens

Fallbrook is a great community if you love a small town vibe, want a family friendly community, love to wine taste and be outside.   So if you are looking to move or relocate to the area, shoot me a message send me an email, text…I love to help you get to know this great area of san diego!