How to buy a home in San Diego- Why talk to a Realtor First!

Should I find a lender first or a real estate agent? This is a top asked question when buying a home in San Diego! If you are thinking about buying a home, consulting with a real estate agent should be top on your list of things to do. I’m sure you have a lot of questions and your real estate agent has the answers.

Since the hardest thing for many first-time home buyers is just getting started. Some wander around in circles for a while trying to decide what to do. What you absolutely don’t want to do is find a house first. Even, though that might seem to make the most sense to you.

No beating about the bush here. It is better for first-time home buyers to talk to a real estate agent before choosing a mortgage lender. Your loan is important, but your real estate agent is more important. Your mortgage is a small part of the transaction. Plus, your agent can help you to find a mortgage lender easier and faster than a lender could help you to find a good agent. Most agents will have a plethora of lenders in their referral database, and a group of lenders they have personally worked with in the past.


San Diego county covers a lot of area, so getting help in narrowing down where to buy is a priority. Realtors know the areas and may even have suggestions on different neighborhoods that you may not have thought about. Your realtor can give you a clear picture of what areas in San Diego are in your budget and have all the things you are looking for.

Buy a condo or a single family home? Again, a realtor can walk you through the pros and cons of both. Depending on your unique situation, a condo may suit your needs, while a growing family or a need for a large yard may determine that buying a single family home is better suited for your lifestyle. Your real estate agent can walk you through what the differences in condo living vs. single family home living are.

Your realtor will also help you understand the entire home buying process, from start to finish to save you time and money. By being prepared before you write your first offer, you will feel more confident and ready to purchase your next home. Your real estate agent will explain the steps needed to take to prepare you when buying a home in San Diego. Additionally, they can walk you through the negotiation process, which is the number one benefit of working with an experienced agent.

Probably, best of all, an agent can help you to figure out if the time is right for you to buy. You can toss out scenarios about moving to various communities and discuss the pros and cons with your agent. You can bounce ideas off an agent. An agent will be your rock, and your sounding board and hopefully, a person you can trust.

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