How To Find The Right San Diego Realtor To Sell Your Home

Does the idea of selling your home in San Diego cause you stress just thinking about it? If so, you are not alone.  The number one error that San Diego home sellers make is choosing the wrong realtor. Selling San Diego real estate may seem easy, but that’s only because most sellers are not aware of what goes on behind the scenes of preparing a home, pre-marketing and marketing the home.  Add in negotiations, seller consultations to help protect you, and other things like staging your home, there are many things a top San Diego realtor does to sell your home successfully.  

Mistake: Listening to agents who tell you what you want to hear

Choosing the wrong realtor can cause you time, money, stress, your sale, and delay your plans. Many times realtors will tell you what you want to hear, hiring the agent who tells them the highest price instead of being honest about the current state of the market.  Think about it like this: as an agent, our job is to create the most demand for your home.  When home buyers think a home is a good deal, this can create a bidding war for your home.  Alternatively, if you price your home too high home buyers may skip over your home without even seeing it in person.  There are many san diego real estate agents that will offer to sell your home for a high price, simply to price reduce your home in the long term.  This can be a waste of time.

What happens with the right real estate agent? The right agent can get you in some cases up to 5% more in your pocket, a faster sale, a smoother sale, and less legal liability.  This takes experience, knowledge, and honesty to tell you what the current market is like.

How to find the best listing agent

Finding the right listing agent is like finding the right mate. While it may take some time, you will be happy when you do. When choosing a listing agent to sell your home, interview multiple candidates, review their experience and get referrals.

Interview at least three agents

Talk to at least three listing agents — in person if you can — to make sure they are the right fit for you.

Make sure the agent is trustworthy and has great relationships and connections in the real estate industry, says Erin Sykes, chief economist and real estate agent at Nest Seekers. You can find that out by reading online reviews and asking previous clients about the agent.

Get referrals

Word-of-mouth referrals are great, but not everyone who sends a listing agent’s name your way has actually used the person to sell a home. A referral doesn’t hold a lot of weight if it can’t accurately convey an agent’s quality of work, communication style, or manner of treating clients and other people during a transaction. This can be one of the BEST ways to pick a great realtor.  However, beware of choosing an agent simply based on the referral.

Take time to interview the agent.  How many homes have they sold? Are they full time or part time? Do they have a printed marketing plan to sell your home for more money? All good agents will understand and appreciate being interviewed for the job of selling your home.

Look at their experience

Verify that potential listing agents are properly licensed by searching for their names in your state’s real estate licensing database. When you visit an agent’s website, check the current and previous listings to see if they are familiar with your neighborhood and have sold similar homes.

Ask the right questions

When you interview potential listing agents, it’s important to be prepared with a list of questions. You want to see if someone is qualified and has the right experience not onlyto market your home but also to get it sold as quickly as possible and for top dollar. Ask each listing agent:

  1. What are the comparable listings in my neighborhood? Comparables (called “comps” in the industry) are the pillar for determining your home’s value and deciding on an asking price. A well-rounded comparative market analysis will show current listings and homes sold in the past three to six months that are similar to yours in size and amenities.
  2. What do you think my home is worth and why? During a listing presentation or before it, most agents will ask to walk through your home so they can take notes and see what they’ll have to work with. It also helps them crunch numbers against the comps to provide you with an asking price they feel is in line with market conditions and your goals. You might have an asking price in mind, but your agent might not agree.
  3. What would your marketing plan for my home include? A good real estate agent will have a robust plan to promote your listing in an effort to find the right pool of buyers. “Just listed” postcards, open houses, 3D virtual tours, professional photography and broker tours for buyers’ agents (particularly for luxury homes) are all factors that may go into a marketing plan.
  4. Are you a full-time listing agent, or is this a side job? Ask potential listing agents how long they have been selling real estate and how many houses they’ve sold recently. If someone hasn’t closed a deal in several months, that’s a reason for concern.
  5. What is your commission rate? The typical real estate commission is about 5%; oftentimes, the listing agent splits that amount with the buyer’s agent. Some agents might be willing to negotiate their commission, but don’t count on it. After all, you’re paying for a professional service. Leave the commission question for last, but make sure you understand how much you’ll be charged for a real estate agent’s services — and what exactly is included.

If you want to play it safe, definitely go with a full-service agent. It’s difficult to come across a discount agent with an outstanding sales record. Selling your home is a very serious business, and Realtors that work with full-service brokerages are more capable of selling your home for top dollar through extensive marketing and networks.

That’s not to say that no one has ever had a successful home sale with a discount agent. Maybe you are great at marketing and you only want to pay an agent from a discount brokerage to handle the paperwork.

We offer a choice in commissions depending on

what services you need.

Choosing the Best San Diego realtor to help you with San Diego real estate can be overwhelming.  This is why I have created a guide called: Find the Right Realtor to Sell Your Home. 

It’s a lot of information packed into eight pages. It includes the six easy errors that people make when they choose an agent. Because typically when they choose the wrong one, it’s for one of six reasons.

You will also learn the 12 smart questions to ask agents, including the top four that can cause you to lose money. 

And if an agent says certain things… you just wanna run. Do not work with that agent. 

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Thanks for reading and watching the video.