How to Grow Your Real Estate Business Fast with Real Estate Expert Tina King.

The Empowered Agent Podcast Episode 2

Grow Your Real Estate Business with Tina King

Today I unpack how to grow your real estate business with seasoned professional and real estate coach Tina King. 30 year veteran Tina King.  Tina has been a real estate coach since 2000.  Tina was the top productivity coach for Keller Williams, and has successfully grown 5 top real estate companies in the nation. Most recently she collaborated to build The Brand Realty in Carlsbad, California from 2 agents 75 agents.  She is now launching an Agent Synergy group at REAL Broker that is focused on bringing agents together to plug in and double their business.

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Get into Some Kind of Real Estate Coaching or Mentoring

Get a jump-start on your goals by taking advantage of professional coaching. Research different coaches, follow their social media accounts and sign up for newsletters to ensure you vibe with how they build successful businesses. Don’t settle – set yourself apart!

What You Like to Do in Real Estate?

There are so many ways to generate leads in real estate, the more important question is to make sure you choose a lead generation tactic that you actually like doing. If you hate doing open houses, you probably won’t do them consistently enough to see results from your efforts. Sometimes we need to fail forward to discover what lead generation for realtors we like doing that will produce the results you want.

If you want to make it as a real estate agent, don’t settle for tactics that bring in leads but leave you feeling miserable. More often than not, the activities we dislike aren’t going to give us our best results either cause consistency is key! Instead of running into dead ends with strategies that just feel wrong, why not try something different and see where that takes ya? Experimenting can lead to discovering your ideal way of generating clients – so have some fun exploring what works and makes YOU shine.

Your Database is GOLD

Building and nurturing a database in real estate is the real way to build a long term and profitable real estate business. From choosing the right CRM (contact management system) to who to add, this can be overwhelming. (SUBSCRIBE to my podcast for my CRM episode.)

If you want to create a profitable and long-term real estate biz, an awesome database is essential. But don’t let the task of choosing your CRM system or who should be included make you feel overwhelmed – my podcast episode about it will give ya everything needed for success! Check it out now if yer up for taking that business sky high 🚀

Should You Hire Help for Your Real Estate Business?

Hiring an administrative support person such as a transaction coordinator or virtual assistant should be your first hire. If you’re growing your business, a smart move is to be proactive and invest in an admin superhero! Whether it’s a TC or V.A., investing in administrative support can help make sure the important things don’t fall through the cracks as you scale up operations.

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