3 Tips to CRUSH your goals as a real estate agent this year.

The Empowered Agent Podcast – Episode 1

Are you looking to grow your real estate business?

Maybe you are brand new real estate agent, or maybe you are a seasoned veteran, how you plan for your year will be the difference between scaling your real estate business up or down, even failing completely and loosing tons of money. We are moving into a more volatile housing market than the last 2 years, which means real estate agents need to get back to basics and work harder to earn the trust of their clients.

Today’s Episode of The Empowered Agent Podcast I will be giving you 3 actionable tips to crush your goals.

#1 Plan, plan and plan again. 

I have a question, do you do a real estate business plan every year?  If your are listening to this and do not have one, you can grab a free download from me and start anytime this year.  When we are clear about our vision, our goals we can then make a daily action plan around that vision.  There is no denying we need to take daily action to reach our goals, but most real estate agents don’t know where to begin and struggle with being consistent.  This is why you must have a plan that outlines your gross commission income goals, how many homes you need to sell, how many buyers vs sellers and then focus on your lead sources to work. Download my FREE business plan editable in Canva

#2 Be the agent of value- over an over again. 

There are so many realtors out there so how do you stand out? Be the agent of value.  Give your clients and leads consistent value that educates and empowers them to reach their goals.  So many people are living in fear about what the housing market is doing, whether they should buy or sell and how this all works.  When you can be the agent of value through social media, blogs, email marketing you show not only they can trust you but that you care.

#3 Consistent daily action. 

As much as I wish everything happened right now, I’m pretty type A…what i’ve learned from building my successful six figure business is that the daily consistent actions are what moves the needle forward.  It takes more effort than most people think to reach their goals and takes stacking those days of actions one on top of the other consistently to really see results.  If one of your lead sources is open houses, but you only do one open house a month you probably won’t see a lot of results.  Instead think about doing a minimum of  2- and maybe even 4 a month, and then follow up follow up follow up.  I think the statistic is most agent stop following up after the 4th time when it takes up to 8x of contact, through all channels to build trust with someone.

If you plan, give outstanding value, and take consistent daily action, I guarantee your 2023 will outshine your previous years in real estate.  Let’s empower the world!

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Tristen Campanella is a San Diego Real Estate Agent, Host of The Empowered Agent Podcast and Real Estate coach and mentor.

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