Build a Referral Business with Erika Walker.

The Empowered Agent Podcast – Episode 4

Getting referrals is essential if you want to grow your real estate business successfully. By following up with past clients, showing appreciation for those who refer, and utilizing social media platforms effectively, you can increase your referral rate significantly.

In today’s episode of The Empowered Agent Podcast top referral agent Erika Walker explains how she has built her long term real estate business with the power of referrals and being her authentic self.

Erika’s all about having FUN! Fun in her business and her life which is something you can feel the moment you meet her. She builds her referral based business by meeting people at the places she likes to go, like the gym, social events, and even my past yoga studio. In fact I met Erika when she was one of my yoga students and I fell in love with her immediately! Let’s dive into how she’s built a great referral based business.

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Follow Up With Your Past Clients

Your relationship with past clients should not end after their closing. Make sure to follow up with them in the weeks and months following the sale or purchase to check in and see how they are doing. This will help build trust and show that you genuinely care about their experience. Plus, it gives them an opportunity to reflect on their experience working with you and reminds them of why they chose your services over others.

Show Appreciation for Referrals

You should always thank those who refer your services—a simple “thank you” email or card goes a long way! If possible, offer something tangible in return for referrals such as discounts on future services or access to exclusive offers or events. Showing appreciation for those who refer your business has been proven to increase the likelihood that they will make additional referrals in the future.

Pop Bys and Referrals

One of the best ways to get in the best graces of your clients or real estate referrals is through their stomach, which makes pop-by gifts consisting of food or drinks a perfect option. While it is great to set dates to grab lunch, dinner, or drinks with your clients, these small food and drink pop-by gifts for realtors can easily be used to thank clients who recently closed on a property or to check in on previous clients every few months.

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