Welcome to The Real Realtor – Honestly Authentic Life as a San Diego Realtor

Hi, I’m Tristen and I’m a Realtor in San Diego, a mom, a yogi, a hiker and I’m real. I think it’s time to bring some transparency and honesty back to real estate. I’m not the realtor who’s going to tell you how many homes I sold, or brag about my statistics. What I will tell you is the truth. Should you buy that home, maybe not. Have you lost your mind when it comes to the price you think your homes is worth? Maybe.

Zillow, Redfin, Realtor.com? All marketing noise that doesn’t educate people on the current market, the true value of your home, or the truth about buying a home.

Join me on my journey helping people get the truth, and authenticity that is missing in real estate today.

Who is Tristen Campanella?

Really no one special. I sell real estate because I love helping people. And, honestly it’s hard. In the eyes of most people, real estate agents rank very low for ethics, usefulness, and most people don’t really know what we do. Even worse, new apps and websites are encouraging people to leave out the realtor, trying to “save” money or time. You really do need a realtor, and you need a good one.

Why? Because it’s a HUGE financial decision and a legal one too!

I get it, I really do, many realtors are just hustling for their next commission. Let’s face it, it’s super easy to get your license, but the truth is that the test we pass teaches us nothing about selling real estate. We don’t even learn what the contract says in real estate school! So, to become an actually useful agent, you have to really work hard, get experience. learn to listen and finally realize none of the transaction is about you, your ego or how many homes you sold. It’s about the clients, their goals and dreams and how you can help them.

Yes, you need to understand how to sell real estate, contracts, digital marketing, systems, people, negotiation and so much more, and that takes time and devotion to getting better. Why people use just any agent, family member or the likes, always shocks me. It’s like people are more concerned with hurting Aunt Sally’s feelings than getting the right representation. Trust me, you deserve better than Aunt Sally (unless she is a bad ass agent!).

So that’s what I’m all about, educating people on what the heck I do as a real estate agent in San Diego, work on my skills to help more people, laugh out loud at the craziness I see every day, try to find daily inspiration, and try to juggle being a mom, wife, friend, sister and more.

I hope you enjoy reading and find a few nuggets of wisdom, inspiration, and maybe a laugh or two.


-Oh, if you want more statistics, data and all that, follow my other blog at https://www.homebytristen.com/blog